There are tons of smart people in the world. Books, videos and consultants are available on nearly every topic. Google can find you any information you need. But where do you find wisdom and get access to it?

Sharex3I’ve discovered there’s a lot of difference between being smart and being wise. There’s a difference between having great information and knowing how to apply it in any given situation. Some decisions in life are right or wrong. Those are easy. It just takes the courage to do what is right.

The tougher questions are the one’s which don’t necessarily have a right or wrong answer. These are the questions whose consequences will be felt by your children and your children’s children. Questions around marital issues, financial responsibility and debt, parents, in-laws, relational concerns, children’s educations, career progression and relocation of the family…these are ‘big stuff’ issues that most people deal with sooner or later.

These kind of difficult issues require wisdom. Wisdom is uniquely different than knowledge and information. Wisdom has to do with the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge and good judgment. I’m thankful I’ve had great mentors over the years who’ve imparted their wisdom to me when I needed to make difficult decisions.

ShareItYou likely have a lot of wisdom that you could be sharing with younger less-experienced people who have mostly knowledge and information. Are you mentoring anyone younger or less-experienced? You have experience and knowledge of life, relationships, God, and His ways that can’t be found anywhere else. You’ve already made a lot of the decisions in the past that younger folks are facing now. Sometimes you made them well, sometimes you didn’t. That’s called experience and that’s one of the sources of wisdom.

A key place that a mentor’s wisdom helps is in sorting out relationship stuff. Since life is defined by relationships, having a coach who knows some stuff about people may be the “scratch” to a younger guy or gal’s greatest “itch.” Wise mentors help mentees think longer term in a culture whose orientation is all about “right now.”

Are you up to it?  Would you be willing to make that wisdom available to those coming behind you? You’ve got it. Share it!


QUESTION: What have you found to be most helpful while mentoring others? Please share it below.


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