In the chaotic days after Superstorm Sandy hit the Mid-Atlantic coastline, an army of first responders streamed into the flood-ravaged area. Police, Fire, Red Cross volunteers, National Guard troops and others went door to door looking for anyone who needed help. Yet they missed a tiny construction trailer rusting away on Rockaway Peninsula.

Unforgettable2Five months later, an acquaintance finally missed Keith Lancaster and went looking for the quiet handyman. He found Keith’s partially skeletonized remains in that dilapidated construction trailer, the 44th victim who died in New York City because of the storm.

I was saddened when I saw the blurb on a news website. I found it hard to believe that no one really noticed that Keith was missing. To be so easily forgettable, that no one realizes you aren’t around until five months later? Hard to fathom!

Unforgettable is more than a hit song recorded by Nat King Cole. Deep inside all of us, we want to be unforgettable. I can identify several people in my life that I would characterize as unforgettable. Unfortunately, a few of those were unforgettable for the wrong reasons. But most, for all of the right reasons. Who are the unforgettable people in your life—those who made a difference and inspired you to become who you are today?

Perhaps the more important question—who would say YOU are one of those unforgettable people (in a positive way) in their life? This is not a question focused on ego and pride. It is a question about authenticity, integrity and intentionality.

Unforgettable people don’t live for themselves. They are legacy-builders, not personal-kingdom builders. They understand God’s design that we are blessed to be a blessing. Let me suggest four characteristics of unforgettable people.

Wonderfully unforgettable people are:

Humble – Everything in their life points to serving others, lifting them up, encouraging and blessing them.

Authentic – Nothing phony or hypocritical about the person. If they are wrong, they acknowledge it and ask for forgiveness.

Consistent – This is about integrity. The do what they say they will do. They practice what they preach. What you see in public is who they are in private.

Investors – They pour into others. They mentor, they teach, they give away the “secret sauce” recipe. They love to find ways to make others look better, feel more confident and get the credit.

So who will one day list your name among those unforgettable people God used to bless them?  Is your life the kind of unforgettable that honors God and leaves a legacy you and He will be proud of? If not, what is one thing you can do today to begin to change that?


QUESTION:  What other characteristics would you add to this list?  Please share them below.



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