It’s a year ago today that I launched this blog to inspire transformissional living in others! I’m humbled and blessed because you’ve shared how my writing has inspired and kept you on mission. I’m encouraged by the wide age-range of you who read it and find it helpful. I’m thrilled that you have varying faith backgrounds and each of you find it helpful and encouraging while looking through your own unique lens. I’m grateful and highly honored every time you take the time to share the blog and individual postings on your social media sites. I’m inspired every time you engage with the topic and share your comments. I learn from you and your experiences. Thank you for a wonderfully successful first year!!!

Top 5

I reviewed the stats and found the top 5 most frequently viewed posts since October 1, 2012. Here they are:

  1. Visible But Overlooked
  2. Valentine’s Day
  3. Fruit Full Faith
  4. What Makes Your Heart Sing?
  5. Most Admired Leadership Qualities

And, as usual, I like to compile the monthly stats to determine the top five most read posts. As you will see, the first and fifth in the list are the same for the month and for the year.

Here are the top five for September 2013:

  1. Visible But Overlooked
  2. Harder Than It Looks
  3. Crossing Guard Inspiration
  4. It’s Not About You
  5. Most Admired Leadership Qualities

Thanks again for your support and I look forward to another year of conversation and dialogue as I carry out my mission of inspiring transformissional living in all whom I encounter in life.  God bless you!


QUESTION:  What post impacted you the most over the last year? Please share it below.


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