When I write a blog post, sometimes I think it’s a real winner. Sometimes it is. Other times, not so much. And then, there are times I’ve written something that I think really needs to be said but I don’t necessarily think it will be all that popular. I’m occasionally surprised at what makes it’s way to the top!  Here’s the top posts for August 2013 according to my internal statistics counter! Enjoy!

Top 5

Top 5 for August:

1. Most Admired Leadership Qualities — While reflecting on over three decades of leadership, this post highlights the seven top characteristics that I believe are admired by younger leaders today.

2. From the Bottom Up — This post features Cape Coral Police Chief Jay Murphy as an example of a servant leader.

3. The Key in Your Pocket — A numb-brained mistake on my part led to this important lesson learned.

4. Visible But Overlooked — This post consistently places in the top 5 month after month because it deals with a very important part of communication that is often overlooked.

5. When No One’s Looking — Here’s a post about integrity and a recent experience at a rental car business.

This month one of my blog readers in the northeast United States sent me a private Facebook message asking if she would be able to share some of my blog posts at her staff meeting with her co-workers. Absolutely! Sure! Of course!  It’s always an honor when I can add value to the lives of people I know and those I’ve never met. I love to inspire transformissional living in others!

So, I’d love for you share this blog or a specific post with any of your friends who might benefit! You may use the social media or email buttons at either the top or the bottom of each post!  Or use the Share the Blog section on the right side of the Home page.  Thanks so much for going with me on the journey toward transformissional living!


QUESTION: Which one of these top five blogs was your favorite? I’d love to hear in the comment section below.


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