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This week marks 40 years of serving in the role of a leader.  I became a pastor of a small church in Elmira, NY in August 1979.   I then moved to Cape Coral, FL in 1986 to start a church. 33 … Continue reading

  “The best is yet to come.” That’s the tagline my friend Suzanne Leonard uses with every email and Facebook post. In fact, she usually precedes this tagline with “take a deep breath.” The other day I read an article … Continue reading

  This weekend when the final ticks of the second quarter game clock fade and over 100 million people are watching Super Bowl XLVIII on their high-def flat screens, most of us won’t be thinking about what will happen next … Continue reading

  I couldn’t help but notice the North Dakota personalized license plate in the Florida restaurant parking lot. It said, “Werdone.” As the 60 something couple got out of their SUV, I asked them if I could take a picture … Continue reading

  YOLO, a popular acronym, is frequently seen in text messages, on Facebook and other places where people are describing some new event or daring action they are about to embark on or just finished. YOLO is the acronym for … Continue reading

  A certain amount of water has to have gone under the bridge of life before we can effectively begin to develop a personal mission statement. A lot of us come out of college with very little real world experience … Continue reading

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