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In almost four decades of leadership, I’ve made more than my share of errors. The error I’ve regretted the least is this one—Effective leaders give others the benefit of the doubt. This was one of my top ten leadership learnings … Continue reading

  Who is on your board of directors? Do you even have one? Those questions aren’t just for CEO’s of an organization or a business. They are for all you. Anyone. You may be a leader or not. Do you … Continue reading

   Have you been in one of those situations where you are not the leader but you just want to make a  difference and help something to happen? Sometimes it’s because you are new on the scene or it may … Continue reading

  There are tons of smart people in the world. Books, videos and consultants are available on nearly every topic. Google can find you any information you need. But where do you find wisdom and get access to it? I’ve discovered … Continue reading

  Linda, my wife, was recently going through a coaching workbook she had been reading a few years ago and noticed her hand-written note in the margin, “I have been so used to being the ‘fed leader,’ now I am … Continue reading

  I know, a few of you may remember this title as a song by the 1990’s group, the Kottonmouth Kings, who are describing stoned friends passing around a marijuana joint. For sure, that’s not at all related to this … Continue reading

  If you pay attention to the stock market, you know it’s up, it’s down. Good investors say patience is one of the greatest virtues. An old Chinese proverb offers this lesson for investors: “If your vision is for a year, … Continue reading

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