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Leading the Applause

  You know them. Maybe you are one of them. The one who loves to be the first to clap at the conclusion of a great song or when the speaker makes a powerful point in her presentation. Some love to lead the applause. They feel a sense of power in that they initiated an […]

Three Biggest Leadership Lessons

  Over this past weekend, I had the honor to speak at the church of a long-time pastor friend who was out of town at a retreat with all of his staff. His video introduction of me as the guest speaker was glowing and made me sound like a great leader. I was honored by […]

An Unavoidable Principle of Leadership

  I’m not sure where I first heard it. I’m not sure who first said it or who wrote it. It may have been Dr. John Maxwell. I’ve learned a lot of leadership stuff from him over the years. All I know is that over my more than three decades of leadership experience and observation, […]