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It’s now a couple weeks past the beginning of a new year and most everyone is probably done reflecting on the past and planning for the future.  Life has gotten busy again.  The weekly routines keep us on autopilot. Many of our … Continue reading

  One of my favorite bloggers had this title recently, “Gradually and Then Suddenly.” Seth Godin writes mostly about marketing and business but his points are applicable across the whole spectrum of life. So many things happen gradually and then suddenly. … Continue reading

  One of the grandest things you can do in life is to leave a legacy that extends beyond you to generations to come. There is no better place to start than with your children and grandchildren. What are you … Continue reading

  YOLO, a popular acronym, is frequently seen in text messages, on Facebook and other places where people are describing some new event or daring action they are about to embark on or just finished. YOLO is the acronym for … Continue reading

  As I write this post while watching the Super Bowl, everything is about success. Which of the Harbaugh brother coaches will be successful, Jim or John? Which team will be a success, Ravens or 49ers? Which commercials will be … Continue reading

  Ever since he turned 50, my father Thurlowe (pictured below), has said on his birthday, “I’m not going to complain about how old I am. Having another birthday is better than the alternative.” My dad has had a challenging … Continue reading

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