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He Lived the Message

  Two incredible men died nine days apart—February 22 and March 3, 2018. One was 99 and one was 88.  One was a world-renown pastor and evangelist. One was a local farmer and businessman. But they had many things in common and one thing can be said of both — “He lived the message.” Billy […]

You Only Get One Shot

  Ted Turner—media mogul, entrepreneur extraordinaire, Forbes-list billionaire, Time magazine’s Man-of-the-Year, a star on Hollywood’s Walk-of-Fame and much, much more—is turning 75 today. What does a larger-than-life guy like that think about when he sees the sun begin to set in the west? Does he mull over the same things in his life as the […]

Successful Significance

  I was a new pastor in town attending an event where I knew almost no one. A 56 year-old “banker” made his way across the room to introduce himself to me. His name was Mahlon Hetrick. I never forgot what he told me next. Mahlon told me he had spent 30 years in banking—working […]

Unleash the Power of Age

  May is “Older Americans Month” according to the Administration on Aging. This year’s theme is “Unleash the Power of Age.” I don’t feel like this applies to me. I’m only 59 going on 39. But truth is, since 2011 when the first Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) turned 65, 8,000 more join them each and […]

Dead End Living

  During my first ministry experience in Elmira, NY, I always chuckled when I went to the north end of Walnut Street, which was the south gate entrance to the Woodlawn National Cemetery. I wasn’t laughing because Mark Twain was buried in that cemetery. Although Mark Twain was funny and said, “Humor is mankind’s greatest […]

Don’t Spend; Invest!

  For decades, I’ve chosen to use the term “invest” instead of “spend.” I originally started to use the terminology of investing when I was contemplating advertising our newly-launched church in the community through youth soccer team sponsorships, direct mail and signs on the Little League field. Sometimes people looked puzzled and would ask, isn’t […]

In a Hurry to Be Generous

  Did you survive Black Friday? I’m always amazed to hear of people camping outside a store for 8 days to save $240 on a new TV. My math doesn’t calculate economic sense (if you are employed) into such an outrageous decision but it gives news directors a story to fill up a 30-minute slot […]

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

  While on vacation with my wife this week, we were visiting the Old Towne shops in Bera, Kentucky.  Behind the counter of Hot Flash Beads, we met an inspiring lady, Jimmy Lou Jackson, owner and creator. She joyfully makes and sells all kinds of beads, earrings, necklaces and other jewelry. Jimmy Lou revels in […]

Three Critical C’s

  To live a life of significance, it’s mission critical that you evaluate and understand three areas of your life. Halftime leader, Lloyd Reeb calls them the three C’s: Core, Capacity and Context. The more you understand your core, your capacity and your context, the greater legacy footprint you will leave behind.   The Bible […]

Paths to Prosperity

  I learned something new about my friend Dr. Jerry Clevenger when we were together over the weekend. He took a .380 hollow-point bullet to his chest. Predictably, it changed his life! Jerry was on the only path he knew to prosperity—climbing the corporate ladder while working for a major Wall Street investment bank. While taking pictures of […]