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  What do you think is the most valuable land in the whole world? A diamond mine in South Africa? An oilfield in the Middle East? An island in the South Pacific? You really don’t have to be an expert … Continue reading

  Energy is finite, not unlimited. Stress and pressure drain energy. Relational conflicts sap energy. Lack of internal consistency between who you really are and what you pretend to be will suck the life out of you. You can name … Continue reading

  In our culture, we are most often judged by our accomplishments. People make their assessment of us based on what we’ve done, what we’ve built, what we’ve led, where we have been, the titles we’ve worn and the awards … Continue reading

  “A burned up brain won’t start.” Pardon? Yep! That’s what Alice told Bob, “A burned up brain won’t start.” You see, Bob is the night-time janitor in a large company that cleans the CEO’s office. Alice was Bob’s late … Continue reading

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