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For over four decades, I’ve been serving in leadership roles. And, I’ve learned at least one small thing that always leads to big things. Now, I’ve seen loads of good intentions. I’ve read the written goals. I’ve heard the New … Continue reading

  Your personality may attract a following, but it won’t have any long-term impact. For long-term impact, you need something more than lots of charisma and a good public image. You need character. Effective leadership is an inside-out job. If … Continue reading

  The reality is, only a few people really become long-term leaders in their areas of expertise. Most leaders fade. Only a small percentage of politicians rise to the top and stay at the top. Only a few ministry leaders … Continue reading

  In the chaotic days after Superstorm Sandy hit the Mid-Atlantic coastline, an army of first responders streamed into the flood-ravaged area. Police, Fire, Red Cross volunteers, National Guard troops and others went door to door looking for anyone who … Continue reading

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