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  The whole world held its breath for days!  Ten days! The search was intense for 12 young Thai soccer boys and their coach. The world was captivated as they watched and prayed for this team—stranded by rising waters that drove … Continue reading

  Last weekend the most embarrassing thing happened to our local make-it-big hometown football hero. He’s been making the sports highlight reels this week—all for the wrong reasons. The fourth-overall NFL pick made a big-time rookie mistake. Buffalo Bills wide … Continue reading

The big game is coming up this weekend! Millions will watch. They may be avid or casual fans. Or they might be curious as to what kind of advertising creativity could possibly be worth $4,000,000 for 30 seconds of fame. … Continue reading

  Linda, my wife, was recently going through a coaching workbook she had been reading a few years ago and noticed her hand-written note in the margin, “I have been so used to being the ‘fed leader,’ now I am … Continue reading

  This time of year, college and NFL football games saturate the TV listings on the weekend. Every one of those games has a halftime—a mid-game break for the team to go to the locker room. Business leader, Bob Buford, … Continue reading

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