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The Well-Worn Path to Mediocrity

  There are two words that have been the most common path to mediocrity. I’ll get to those two words in a moment. In reality, I doubt if any of us want to be mediocre. I always want to be above average. After all, being undistinguished, unexceptional, unremarkable, run-of-the-mill, lackluster and barely adequate is not […]

The Priority of Priorities

  I’ve been working my way through the Top Ten. This is the last on the list. But certainly not the least on the list. Ever since I funneled four decades of leadership lessons into a 90-minute teaching session for a group of young millennial worship interns last summer, I’ve been unpacking each of them […]

A Visible Legacy

  Sometimes you get to see your legacy, sometimes not. As a pastor for 34 years, people have come and gone. Sometimes you see the spiritual legacy of transformation from your ministry influence. Occasionally, you wonder if you have really made any difference. Mostly, I’m blessed to see a visible legacy. Especially, I’m seeing my […]

Father’s Day

  At my home growing up in Oregon, the third Sunday of June each year was always at least one celebration. But sometimes, it was a three-for-one deal. If that third Sunday happened to fall on June 21st, it was my dad’s birthday, the first day of summer and Father’s Day all on the same […]

The Bamboo Principle

  Have you heard about the Chinese Bamboo tree whose seed goes dormant when planted? No amount of attention to the seed will arouse it from its sleep. However, careful care and nurture is required during this dormancy. Even though no visible signs of life are noticeable for FIVE YEARS, at the end of that […]

Pass It On

  One of the grandest things you can do in life is to leave a legacy that extends beyond you to generations to come. There is no better place to start than with your children and grandchildren. What are you passing on to the next generations after you? Is it something that brings pride or […]

Do Something Grand

  In six to eight weeks I’m going to be doubly blessed! My wife and I already have two granddaughters from our oldest son and his wife. But soon, our daughter and her husband will be having twins – a boy and a girl. So, our grandchild count will go from two to four. We […]

Right Is Wrong

  “One of us is wrong, and it’s definitely not me!” When you stop and think about it, that’s pretty much the attitude that starts every single conflict. Really! If I didn’t have that idea that I’m right and someone else is wrong, there wouldn’t be a conflict, would there? So, given that the other […]