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  In his book, Six Hours One Friday, Max Lucado writes this prose: The Cross. It rests on the time line of history like a compelling diamond. It’s tragedy summons all sufferers. It’s absurdity attracts all critics. It’s hope lures … Continue reading

  Change is constant. Change is hard. Change is ____________ (you fill in the blank). There are hundreds of things we can say about change. There are thousands of great quotes on change. And we all know what it is … Continue reading

  As a leader for over three decades, I’ve learned that people tend to resist change. Some mildly resist. Some criticize it but then adjust. Some run from it. And some fight change with every ounce of their energy. From … Continue reading

  When I walk through a cemetery, the most important thing on a gravestone is not the dates of birth and death. Forget the two dates. Just concentrate on the space between the two—usually a dash. What does that dash … Continue reading

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