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  Several years ago, Lloyd Reeb, a friend, coach and primary spokesman for the Halftime Institute, introduced me to an exercise designed to help me develop the start of a personal mission statement. Here’s the scenario he proposed. Imagine it’s your 80th … Continue reading

  It’s been 21,916 days. That calculates out to 3,131 weeks, or 525,984 hours, or over 31 million minutes or about 1.9 billion seconds. And in case you aren’t a math wizard, I’m simply talking about the 60 years and … Continue reading

  Imagine it’s your 80th birthday and your spouse or a friend planned a quiet evening at your favorite restaurant. When you arrive, you are surprised to see the whole restaurant is reserved for you. Your closest family, friends, and … Continue reading

  Ever since he turned 50, my father Thurlowe (pictured below), has said on his birthday, “I’m not going to complain about how old I am. Having another birthday is better than the alternative.” My dad has had a challenging … Continue reading

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