You might be wondering why I’m promoting an online conference for tomorrow. My wife Linda and I have the privilege of speaking at this conference via video to tell our story of leadership succession. So, go ahead and check out this link to Church Leader Succession so you can see what it is all about and register. We are very honored to be in the speaking company of some heroes and leaders that have impacted us over our 34 years of ministry.

Leadership Network is the outstanding organization which is sponsoring this conference! They have been a huge help in my journey as a leader and in the success and growth of Cape Christian where I am the founding pastor. The seminars, the articles, the books, the learning communities that I have been connected to have helped me to grow as a leader and to grow other leaders.

Halftime, another partner of Leadership Network (both founded by Bob Buford), has affected my life immensely. I highly recommend any of their downloadable materials, books, seminars and conferences through the above link. Halftime International Spokesman, Lloyd Reeb, has blessed me with many hours of coaching and encouragement during my succession journey.

During the next several blog posts, I’ll be sharing some of my succession story and the learnings from the experience. Stay tuned!

QUESTION: Are you planning to watch the Succession online event? Let me know in the Comment section. Thanks!

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