Imagine it’s your 80th birthday and your spouse or a friend planned a quiet evening at your favorite restaurant. When you arrive, you are surprised to see the whole restaurant is reserved for you. Your closest family, friends, and colleagues are all there. After dinner, one-by-one, each attendee comes up to the microphone in front of the room and speaks. They have been asked to speak about three things.

80thBDayThe three things your surprise birthday guests speak about are:

Here’s what I admire most about you…

Here’s the difference you made in my life…

Your #1 lifetime achievement of significance is…


So what would you want to hear from your family, friends and peers on these three issues?

You can’t build an intentional plan for the future if you don’t have a vision of what you want it to look like. This exercise will help you envision a second half or a third third of life that you consider meaningful and satisfying. I know because I’ve done it.


QUESTION: Would you share an answer to at least one of the three questions above? Use the Comment section below.


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