What is it that recharges you? It might be your hobby, an activity, your faith, a place, a person or even your work. It’s likely more than just one of the above.


One of the four R goals of my sabbatical time has been to recharge. While planning for the sabbatical some twenty months ago, I took some time to think about what filled my tank and charged my batteries. Several things came to mind: Connecting to God, time with my wife Linda, travel, nature, adventure and photography.

All of these rejuvenating activities were then intentionally planned and scheduled into the four-month sabbatical period (May-August 2014). Since I love photography, nature and adventure, I planned an event that would encompass all three into one activity—participating in a photography workshop at Glacier National Park.

I could say so much more about this particular experience. But here’s the short version.

4DG_3418Five days with five other guys who are also passionate photographers. (Thanks Dave, John, Phil, Ranjit and Tom!)

Learning from a professional nature photographer, Joe Rossbach. (A great teacher!)

Enjoying the incredible views and vistas of the Rocky Mountains along the Montana/Canadian border.

Hiking up mountain trails in Grizzly territory to find seldom seen lakes.

Four o’clock alarm settings to catch the pre-sunrise light.

Afternoon photo production instruction and review of our images of the day.

Seven mile evening hikes to catch the reflections of the golden post-sunset glow over a remote lake.

And so much more!

untitled-3711While physically drained by the limited sleep and loads of physical stamina needed for carrying our equipment up precipitous mountain inclines, I was extraordinarily filled by the experience. It was an exceptional time of recharging for me. Filled to running over.

So, I am sharing a link to some of my captures from those five days in Glacier. I do hope they will somehow inspire and fill you for just a few moments today. Enjoy! Glacier Park Photos (Click on individual photos to see larger image).

P.S. If you’ve been following our sabbatical photo-journal, here are the links to my two other sections of photos that I’ve recently updated.

Sabbatical: Europe Photo-Journal

Sabbatical: North America Photo-Journal


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