Ted Turner—media mogul, entrepreneur extraordinaire, Forbes-list billionaire, Time magazine’s Man-of-the-Year, a star on Hollywood’s Walk-of-Fame and much, much more—is turning 75 today. What does a larger-than-life guy like that think about when he sees the sun begin to set in the west? Does he mull over the same things in his life as the rest of us every-day kind of people do?

TedTurnerA recent CNN story asked the question of it’s founder, What will matter most about Ted Turner’s life story when they roll the final credits? It turns out, that Ted Turner’s deep inner-gut questions are the same as yours and mine.

CNN writers editors pose it this way, “You can be a billionaire or a bum, win sailing’s biggest prize or swab decks, own a television network or have trouble paying the cable bill: By the final curtain, life boils down to a few simple things.”

Did I make my Mama and Daddy proud?

Am I loved?

Will anybody remember me? 

Do I get into heaven?

While Ted Turner has openly called Christianity “a religion for losers” and previously proclaimed faith in God wasn’t something he needed or was interested in, it sounds like he too is now throwing a prayer or two heavenward just in case someone up there really does care. As he looks in the rear-view mirror at three-fourths of a century, Mr. Turner understands that you only get one shot at life.

In less than a month, I’ll be looking at six decades in my rear-view mirror. I’m so grateful I have a clear confident answer to each one of these simple questions above. Yes, yes, yes and yes. My relationships with family, friends and God gives me total confidence as I face the future. I love to inspire transformissional living—especially for adults over age 50. I write this blog to help folks answer these very questions.

How about you? Do you have clear and concise answers to these four simple questions that Ted Turner is struggling with? If not, what changes will you make today to get clarity? You only get one shot.


QUESTION: How many of the four questions can you answer with clarity? Which one(s) do you need some help on? I would love to hear more in the comment section below.


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