Our three and half year old granddaughter, Rylee, stayed overnight recently. It was the first time she stayed alone at Grandpa and Grandma’s house, without her older sister.  Grandma and Rylee painted their twenty fingernails blue.



When Rylee woke up in the morning, we were watching a squirrel on a tree outside the window. The squirrel stopped halfway up the tree trunk and stared in the window. Rylee was fascinated by the intensity of the squirrel’s stare. That’s when she proclaimed, “He is looking at me! He sees my blue fingernails.”

Out of the mouth of three year olds, emanate a lot of interesting thoughts. Yes, even truth. And definitely a glimpse of human nature.  But somehow, I think it is more than toddlers who think the whole world is centered on them and noticing their newly-painted digits.

I sat in a local city council meeting for seven hours recently. Unfortunately, six of the seven hours was focused on the one agenda item—a proposed $150 annual tax increase—which was scheduled on the agenda before the hearing which pertained to our church. The council chambers were filled with a standing room only crowd. All of the media outlets were present. Extra police were hired to quell any unruly citizens.

RyleeI was amazed again how emotionally invested some citizens were in making sure this tax increase was shouted down. Everything was about them. They loved all the media cameras pointed at their “blue fingernails.” They loved the applause of their neighbors when they made rude and stinging digs toward the hard-working politicians on the dais. Many were willing to shade, misrepresent or just ignore the facts to make their self-focused point. It appeared some thought the whole world was interested in their particular viewpoint. And, I guess they thought the six hours arguing a $150 tax increase was worth it. I guess it is if you value your time at $25 per hour. I got a lot of work done during those six hours!

It seems to me that whether toddler or adult, we should always think more about others than just ourselves. We should look at what is good for the whole community rather than just our own household. And really, the squirrel isn’t looking at your blue fingernails!


QUESTION: What ways do you fight the temptation to think everyone wants to see your blue fingernails? Share below.


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