Do you know that modifiable lifestyle factors can add years to your life?  Of course you do.  At least we all know that certain bad habits can shorten our lives.  There was a revealing study published in the British Medical Journal that was done in Stockholm, Sweden.  The residents in the Kungsholmen district who were age 75 and older, were followed up over 18 years.  Half of the 75 year olds lived to be 90.  Do you know the key things which determined who lived and who died?


Here’s the deal.  Of the 2,368 people living in the studied area, 87% agreed to participate.  The usual factors like medical illness, smoking and heavy use of alcohol affected lifespan.  But you may be surprised by a few of the things that extended their time on earth.  Here are three key areas:

Physical activity – no big surprise here. People who regularly walk, swim, stretch, bicycle and stay active live two years longer than those who become sedentary.

People having a rich social environment makes a big difference.  People to interact with, hobbies that involve others, going to concerts with friends and other socializing activities, all demonstrate a marked increase to our lifespan.

Productivity – activities like housekeeping, sewing, yard work or doing volunteer work, give a huge boost toward lengthening our days.  Anything that has intentionality and purpose to it, has a direct impact on both a meaningful and longer existence.

God has intricately designed us.  Our human bodies are devised to rebuild and regenerate throughout life.  Our lifestyles markedly improve or worsen our chances of our bodies doing what they were intended to do. In this study, most notably, a group that had already survived to age 75, their choices made a significant difference in health, vitality and longetivity.

How you live, affects how well and how long you’ll live—at any age. Lifespan is about lifestyle—and for most of us, it’s under our personal control.  So what is one step you could take today to make a difference tomorrow?

QUESTION:  Which of the three P’s (Physical Activity, People, Productivity) is the easiest for you and which one is the hardest?  Share your comment below.

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