Great news for the 50 and better crowd in southwest Florida! I’m launching something new. Check out this video:

I’m very passionate about helping folks leverage their years of wisdom and God-given resources to make the world a better place. This season of life has proven to be the most productive years for many people. By the time people reach the second half with all of their wisdom and life experiences, they should be ready to start making a difference in their world.  Sometimes they just need some inspiration and a little guidance to get started. I will do my best to inspire and share practical help as you intentionally focus your mission toward living with significance.

When and Where: Starting Sunday, November 16, I will be hosting and leading the weekly Leverage Gathering at 7:45 AM  until 8:30 AM in the Student Ministry auditorium at Cape Christian, 2110 Chiquita Blvd. S., in Cape Coral, FL.

What to Expect: There will be coffee and refreshments awaiting you from 7:45 until 8am. Meet some new friends, connect with current friends. I will then provide 15-20 minutes of input and then there will be an additional 10-15 minutes of discussion and application. At least once a month, there will be a testimonial of someone who has found significance through leveraging their time, talent and treasure for a higher purpose.

So here are sample topics for our times together: What Makes Your Heart Sing?, The Two Most Important Days of Your Life, Know Your Mission, Dealing with Unrealized Dreams, Intentional Grand-parenting, Success to Significance, Facing Mid-life Challenges, Parenting Adult Children with Purpose, Leveraging Your Influence, Wisdom for Maximum Impact, Leaving an Intentional Legacy, Finishing Well, Making the Second Half the Best Half, Marriages that Keep Growing, Fruit-filled Retirement, The Best is Yet to Come, Living the Dash, Personal Board of Directors, A Family on Mission, Leaders That Last, Developing Life-Giving Relationships, Do Something Grand, Rearview Mirror Living and much more.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email at and I’ll be happy to try to answer them. If you are local, invite a friend and join me this coming Sunday. Please feel free to share this with your friends via email or social media. Thanks!



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