More than 25 years ago, I was challenged when I heard Dr. John C. Maxwell say, “leaders are learners.” I never forgot that principle. I’ve spent the last quarter of a century – learning through reading, workshops, classes, seminars and mentors. And, I’ve learned that I can learn through a wide variety of people: teachers, friends, children, teens, interns, my spouse, my kids and my grandchildren.  The other day, I read a book that involved a business leader learning—from an unexpected person.

LeadLearnThe Janitor by Todd Hopkins and Ray Hilbert, is an exceptional book about learning six key principles that revolutionized the life of the company CEO.  The subtitle of the book is: How an Unexpected Friendship Transformed a CEO and His Company.

BooksMy next several posts will highlight the principles that company janitor, Bob, taught the leader of the company when he came in to clean the office after hours. What Roger, the CEO, learned from Bob was surprisingly simple but profoundly powerful. It changed his personal life, his marriage, his family, his company and his neighbor.

JanitorI was moved by the uncomplicatedness of these half dozen principles and their ability to transform someone who was humbly willing to learn. I think you too will find them instructive and possibly life-altering. Tomorrow we will learn together so each of us can be better leaders in whatever arena God has placed us.


QUESTION: Who are some of the people who have taught you over the years? Thanks for sharing below.

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