When my friend Cathy turned 60 last week, she posted on Facebook, “Aging is like the newest version of a software. It has a bunch of great new features, but…..you lose all the cool features the original version had.”  I’m about a year behind Cathy and I completely understand her reflections on aging.

Welcome This posting launches my new blog designed to inspire transformissional living in adults over 50.  Now, some of you think there’s a typo.  You’re thinking, “Doesn’t he mean transformational?”  No, I mean transformissional.  And for the record, my spell checker doesn’t like that word.  My mission is to inspire transformation–change, renovation and a makeover in the thinking and practice of older adults.  In addition, I envision all the ways our world could be transformed if every adult over 50 would be missional– intentional, purposeful, focused, decisive and determined in the way they live out the best years of their life!  Therefore, I deliberately use this combined word.

Observation – Here’s what I’ve observed among some of my peers, as they move past 50.  They often start coasting and drifting and develop a “back in the good old days” mindset.  And let’s be honest, we do get anxious about this new uncharted territory ahead of us.  Some of us fear being irrelevant and pushed to the curb by the younger generations.  Along with the realities of aging: health issues, uncertain finances, declining parents and a changing world—life can be challenging.  This blog is designed to inspire maturing adults to live with intentionality and leave a significant legacy—honoring the past, celebrating the present with an eager eye toward the future.

Looking Ahead – Sure, we do lose some of the features of the original version but, I’m discovering with my friend Cathy, there are a lot of great new features and possibilities as we live the second half or the third third.  I invite you to join me on this journey as we explore relevant topics like Lifelong Learning, Living With No Regret, Thriving in the Third Third, Bucket List or Ladder List? Success to Significance, Dealing With Aging Parents, Second Half Game Plan, Retire or Retread? Beyond Work, and so much more!  I hope you will share your ideas and feedback in the Comments section.  We will learn from each other.  And, please share the link www.DennisGingerich.com with your friends and family.  I’m so enthusiastic about our future together, how about you?

Question: What additional topics would you like see covered?  Please leave your Comment below!

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