What do you think is the most valuable land in the whole world? A diamond mine in South Africa? An oilfield in the Middle East? An island in the South Pacific? You really don’t have to be an expert on world-wide real estate listings to figure this one out. And, it may be something different than you are thinking of at this moment. But here’s what I think.

GraveyardThe most valuable land in the world is a cemetery. In rather small plots of ground all around the world, are buried unfulfilled dreams, unwritten novels, masterpieces not created, businesses not started, relationships not reconciled and plans never executed. That is the most valuable land in the world.

I don’t mean this at all in any kind of morbid way but I want to die empty. I know, that can sound a bit threatening to people in a culture that uses euphemisms like, “he passed away,” “he’s gone on” or “he’s in a better place.” But the reality is, we all die. None of us will be here forever. So, why should I die filled with all kinds of unused gifts and talents?

Todd Henry, author of the book, The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant At a Moment’s Notice, wrote, “My only job—each and every day—is to empty myself, to do my daily work, and to try as much as possible to leave nothing unspoken, uncreated, unwritten.” Wow, that’s powerful! What if we all lived that way every single day? If this was my last day and I had just divested myself of everything that was in me, I guess I wouldn’t have any regrets then, would I?DieEmptyGlass

What if you actually applied this principle of dying empty to every aspect of your life each day? What would it mean to apply it to your relationships? What about your work? Your creativity?

What do you need to do to empty yourself today? Is there some project that you need to begin that has been too overwhelming to get started on it? What small step could you take to get started? Is there some conversation you need to have but you just haven’t seen the perfect time yet? Why not pick up the phone? Is there an idea that you want to execute but there’s been no room to include it in your schedule? Why not just start moving on it today?

Life is really very short. So what will you do? Will you die full of unexecuted ideas and plans or will you die empty? It seems to me, it’s your choice!


QUESTION: What is one thing you need to empty yourself of today?  I’d love to have you share it below.


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