On Facebook, one of my community-leader friends recently posted how inspired she is every time she drives by an intersection near her home. You see, the school crossing guard waves his orange-gloved hand and smiles at every passing vehicle, morning and afternoon. Multiple people commented on her post how they also love to drive by that crossing. In addition to making sure every student arrives and departs safely to and from school, he daily inspires and encourages hundreds more.

School Crossing2I’ve been driving through the same intersection every day on the way to the office over the last seven years. And, the school crossing guard never fails to wave and smile at me. I wave and smile back. I’ve noticed that many drivers do not reciprocate. So, after my friend Heather Mazurkiewicz made her comment on Facebook, I decided to stop my car, roll down the window and tell him how inspiring he is to me. I found out his name is John Haley.

John just smiled even more when I told him that my friends were talking about him on Facebook. He seemed a little embarrassed by all the attention. I thanked John for being such a positive model to me and all the students he encounters each day. I thanked him for making our community a safer and friendlier place to live. John just smiled, waved and said, “Thank you.”

Crossing Guard 2Since I took the time to personally meet John (after driving past him every day for seven years), I’ve endeavored to be more like John. I work hard at not being so focused on my destination that I miss the people along the way. I’m intentionally trying to smile and acknowledge those I meet in the grocery store aisle, standing in line at Starbucks and in the parking lot at Target. I’m making an effort to smile and wave at every out-of-doors neighbor in our community as I drive by. I want to inspire others like John Haley does. Our world needs more crossing guard inspirations. Will you inspire anyone today?


QUESTION: Who inspires you in your daily routines? Share the name below.


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